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Body Hotel Mania!

Despite the cold, snow and rain, The Body Hotel has provided a beautiful space for movers to experience wellbeing and embodied self-care. I was invited to Dundee at The Space (Dundee & Angus College) in January to work with a group of master's level psychology students. March saw Body Hotel Cardiff 2, where we worked on actualisation and visualisation of goals using movement and artmaking.

What's next this Spring/Summer?

Shared Movement Practice at UWTSD - 9-11 April 2018

Residency: When in Roam - Organised Kaos - 17-22 April 2018

DMT Course: Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity - Norway June 2018

Personal Growth in Movement - China - June 2018

Body Hotel Cardiff Summer Taster - July 2018

Body Hotel (Manchester)- July 2018

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