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My doctoral thesis focuses on the use of dance/movement for violence prevention and peacebuilding. Before I began my PhD, I was conducting training and designing workshops on creative behaviour management and techniques for burnout prevention. I strongly believe the body is key to deescalating anger, and preventing violence.

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In what ways can the body make a difference in preventing or mediating violence? This workshop examines those aspects of decision-making present in movement that are used to mediate conflict. The workshop provides new engaging games and activities for working with groups, with influences from creative behaviour management. Participants will be exposed to current research, and to experiential activities that could be applied to work with diverse populations. Practice-based examples will be derived from a variety of contexts, such as schools, post-conflict arenas and work in urban disadvantaged areas. 

  • Places it was taught in: Greek Dance Therapy Association, Athens, Greece (June 2013) 

  • Open to all public 

moving through conflict


This workshop explores the intersection between proximity and social interactions. The implications for violence are discovered through dynamic activities that illustrate cultural differences in space, and how our spatial interactions influence our relationships with others.

  • Open to all public





This workshop focuses on art-based activities and techniques that provide creative alternative for managing groups of children and/or teens. Participants will bring their own experiences and cases in order to develop activities help to foster, motivate and nurture community within the classroom.

Target Population: Youth workers, teachers, after-school, summer school staff, health professionals.

  • Places it was taught in:  PASE (Partnership for After School Education) (New York, NY), School for the Performing Arts (Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

  • For: Organisations, professionals working with groups, education or health professionals

creative behaviour


This workshop helps us identify our triggers and stress factors within the workplace. Participants will learn relaxation techniques, as well as obtaining knowledge about the conflict cycle. They will also apply rituals and techniques that promote self-reflection and prevent burnout and psychological fatigue. These can also be applied to  corporate settings, employer-employee relations and work with children, or in patients care.

  • Places it was taught: Agnes Y. Humprey School for Leadership, Brooklyn, NY

  • For: Teachers, Corporations, Health Care professionals

personal triggers in the workplace


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