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These series of workshops focus on bringing awareness to the body, with a focus on creativity in wellbeing. The workshops are usually open to anyone and can be tailored to organisations and community-based settings. They are meant to encourage people to be physically active, connected and have healthy ways of coping with stress.

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body-based therapeutic skills


Workshop series unique in the UK! Has run for five consecutive years.

The Body Hotel is a movement workshop designed for personal or professional development. The aim is to find connections through creative ways, exploring new perspectives in a relaxing, safe atmosphere. Arts, education and health practitioners can also apply these ideas, activities and skills in their professional work.

Each month will feature a different theme to explore in terms of the body, incorporating practical techniques from body awareness, relaxation, dance movement therapy and somatic practices. An opportunity to encounter each other and delve deeper into the body-mind connection in a safe, fun and relaxing way; 'checking-out' from the daily stress of our lives.

  • Taught in: Edinburgh (2015-2016), Cardiff (2017-2018), Dundee (Jan 2018) & China (July 2019)

  • Open to General Public. Previous participants include: health professionals (doctors, nurses, administrators), mental health professionals/students, educators, occupational therapists, physical therapists, creative arts therapists, financial analysts, new parents.



the body 


moving through conflict


movement decision-making
body-based therapeutic skills




Body CHeck-IN


integrating therapeutic principles to education


applied body-mind


finding your place


Various topics


From a minor day-to-day decision to an important one, the workshop uses movement analysis theories to explores movement decision-making and its role in interpersonal relations and work environments. This creative workshop breaks down decision-making into stages that participants can explore creatively in a safe environment. A practical workshop with great potential for gaining new perspectives on human behaviour and group work.

  • Places it was taught in: Greek Dance Movement Therapy Association, Athens, Greece (June 2013), NODAK (Norwegian Dance Therapy Association (Nov 2017), University of South East Norway (2018;2019;2020)

  • Open to Adults 17+

Course designed to acquire additional embodied, nonverbal skills in therapeutic practice. Parallelisms between verbal and nonverbal processes are examined.

  • Place taught in: University of Río Piedras Medical Sciences Campus

  • For: Health professionals (doctors, nurses, administrators), mental health professionals, educators, occupational therapists, physical therapists, creative arts therapists

Introduction to DMT and how therapeutic elements have been integrated in the public school system in New York.  The fundamental differences between DMT and dance education will be explored as well as body-based therapeutic techniques professionals can apply to their current careers.

  • Places taught in: University of Puerto Rico Continuing Education & Professional Studies (DECEP)

  • Dance studios in various cities in Puerto Rico: Caguas, Mayagüez and San Juan

  • For: Creative arts therapies students & professionals, arts and physical education teachers, Studio owners, Professionals working with children, Psychologists & Social workers.

Everything that happens in the mind is reflected in the body and vice-versa. This workshop brings a combination of practice and theory to expand body awareness and develop self-observation skills for personal or professional applications. It's an opportunity to learn about the development of body image, possible causes for psychosomatic disorders and personal learning styles and defense mechanisms.

  • Places taught in: independent workshops in Argentina; Argentinean Dance Therapy Association

  • Open to all public

A relaxed, creative workshop designed for participants to explore through movement different types of journeys - where they are, what goals can be set, and how they express these goals.

  • Places taught:  Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival 2013 (Edinburgh, Scotland)

  • Open to all public

Previously conducted workshops in:

  • Embodied Skills for Business & Mental Health

  • Embodiment in the workplace

  • Understanding Communication through Rhythm

  • Embodied Empathy

  • Spatial Boundaries: How Close Is Too Close?

Photo Credits: Romina Trutner


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