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Information on my workshops @thebodyhotel!

A chance to 'check out' from daily life and 'check in' to our body, the Body Hotel is a workshop series focused on embodied self care and wellbeing through creative ways.  The Body Hotel provides a space for professionals, which targets symptoms of burnout and compassion fatigue. It holds a dual purpose: personal growth and professional development. The aim is to find connections and explore new perspectives in a relaxing, safe atmosphere.  


Participants will get to experience fun, dynamic improvisational movement activities, and have time for reflection and discussion. The themes vary in each workshop, and therefore each Body Hotel is a different experience. No movement experience required! 

Led by an experienced dance movement therapist with international experience of facilitation and research on movement and wellbeing.


Who has previously attended the Body Hotel?


A beautiful mix of educators, therapists, youth workers, artists, community leaders, health professionals, parents/caregivers and business professionals looking for new approaches and perspectives on themselves and their work. 


Has it been done

The Body Hotel started in 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland, where it ran as a series for two consecutive years. Both series consisted of monthly sessions for six months. Since its beginning it has come to Dundee, China, Norway and twice to Cardiff.

I can't dance.
Can I go?

YES!!! The Body Hotel is open to anyone who is interested in working non-verbally and creatively. This is not a dance class. The activities will encourage you to play, engage and reflect. No prior movement experience is necessary.



Each Body Hotel will be different according to the length of the workshop in each location.


I've found the amount my movement tells the story of how I am feeling and how I am processing issues to be surprising, and very therapeutic.  


Taking part in the Body Hotel has opened up a whole new area of interest to me, and I have no doubt this will be very useful in my professional as well as my personal life.  

I would like to send all the troubled young people I work with on a course like this!

Participant of Body Hotel II

The Body Hotel has given me a space to focus entirely on myself.  My job means that I often arrive at the monthly sessions stressed out and exhausted.  


The exercises we have done have given me the opportunity to express myself in a safe space without being judged.  Because it is all about movement I haven't had to share anything verbally and it has given me ways to process information and deal with issues that I have by moving through it.  


I have left every session feeling so much better.

Participant of Body Hotel II

The Body Hotel has been a great experience for me.  


I was hesitant to sign up at first because it was so different from anything I had tried before.  I was very nervous about how much we would have to share our feelings, and also about how much we would have to touch.  


Thania made me feel comfortable and my worries were soon out of the window.

Participant of Body Hotel I

Led by certified dance movement therapist and choreographer Thania Acarón, who has 15+ years of experience in movement for wellbeing and a PhD in violence prevention. 


Booking Essential. No prior movement experience is necessary. Limited spaces available.

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