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Gender and sexuality are universal to all beings. I have been working with gender identity and sexual orientation in a variety of settings both in Argentina and Scotland, and provide professional development for people interested in addressing the importance of more education in this area, and/or working with clients on these themes. I also collaborate with art therapist Alison Wren (, doing joint workshops on exploration of gender and sexuality and we are conducting research on this topic with some future publications.

This workshop aims to explore body ‘questions’ that emerge in therapeutic work with LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex) clients in a community-based setting. Deeper understandings of sexuality and gender in a therapeutic context can be beneficial to any client population, helping both clients and therapists move towards de-pathologization and acceptance. The participants will be introduced to LGBTI terms, current research and case examples, which will illustrate important considerations in creating safe therapeutic spaces for nonconforming bodies.

  • Presented as: Webinar for American Dance Therapy Association (, Finland Dance Therapy Association, SRH Heidelberg (Germany)

  • For: Health professionals, educators, organisations, creative arts therapists, students

Non-conforming bodies


A fun and interactive workshop to get to know your "walk" - What is verticality? Where are you standing? How can you move forward? Through creative activities, you will get chance to explore your own sense of self and discover how gender influences the way you move, who you are, and where you would like to be.

  • Presented for: LGBT Transgender Support Services, LGBT Centre for Health & Wellbeing

  • Open to all public (adults and young people)

This workshop features a collaboration between art psychotherapy (Alison Wren) and dance movement therapy (Thania Acarón). It includes experiential activities illustrating assumptions and biases about gender identity and sexual orientation that therapists may encounter, which impinge on clients’ experiences of safety. The aim of this workshop is to initiate a conversation on new insights in LGBTQ research, educational training and collaborative practice.

  • Places presented in: Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh, Scotland), American Dance Therapy Association Annual Conference

  • For: Professionals working in mental health

finding your walk
safe/unsafe expression in
collaborative arts practice


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