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when in roam! It's starting

We have had two residencies, one at Dance Base in February, in Tramway in March, and now looking forward to the D&G Arts Festival at The Stove in Dumfries. We will be continuing our research and development of when in roam. So excited to continue this journey! Here is an excerpt from one of my spoken word poems I have written for the piece:

Uprooted (Excerpt) By: Thania Acarón

Uprooted, my roots yelp again at the pain of moving

uprooted an invisible hand playing at demon

breaking goodbyes and whispering hellos:

to endless rain, a flickering lamp post, to a leering window that doesn’t even know I am there


is this unfamiliar taste touch smell worth the usual heartbreak and wisp of distance

breaking goodbye clinching hellos

and poof! I am gone again.

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